Well, what have we here? Well, what we have here is a short write up about Harry Procise from The Dickinson Press back in 1914, that's what we have here. We also have here what happened to Harry.

This is a Dickinson Press Flashback from the bathroom of Mike McNamara.

Harry's journey those days was from Section 6-147-97 to Dickinson and back.

The photos include one of Harry on his horse taken in the 1930s, near his ranch; one of him in about 1950s standing in his bar after Harry entered into a partnership with Jerome McNamara when they bought a bar in Taylor, N.D.; and one of him in the 1963 holding a birthday cake with 89 candles on it.

Procise was born in 1874 and passed in 1963, and he played a small part of the first 12 years of my life.

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The Dickinson Press — 1914

Harry Procise was in Dickinson from his home on the Little Missouri river, near the Tom Christensen place, the first of the week.

He brought in a little over 10 bushels of fine plums which he readily sold at $3 per bushel. Harry and Scott Procise and mother, Mrs. Mary Procise, and sisters, Misses Mary and Annie, moved to Little Missouri country the past year from near Regent. Mrs. Procise and Miss Mary each secured 320-acre homesteads and the other daughter may take land later.

They are fitting up a ranch which they will stock in due time. This fall Scott Procise is running an engine for Bang Bros. near Dunn Center.

Harry Procise brought in Sonny Mc, a standard bred American trotter, to get him shod. This horse is a beautiful animal and the property of Miss Annie Procise.

It takes about two days to come in from the Procise ranch with a loaded team. In order to pay for expenses, Mr. Procise loaded back with groceries for the Oakdale store.