Take a look at what I stumbled across the other day. Do not read this unless you are extremely bored or unless you are a type of person that likes to know the real story behind a tidbit posted beneath a weather tidbit from The Dickinson Press almost 30 years ago on October 3, 1992.

Yes this is a flashback from the Bathroom of Mike McNamara.

So it was around Tammy’s 40th birthday. She was a Shamrock employee and met a couple of friends at the Shamrock Bar and while seated visiting, a planned kidnapping took place by a couple of masked friends. She was blindfolded and removed from the Shamrock and taken to a waiting car and driven around for a while before being taken to the Elks Sodbuster Saloon for a surprise party.

Well, someone passing by saw the kidnap scene and reported it. The authorities converged outside 113 1st Street West and then phoned Shamrock's bartender Gary, who was all by himself because everyone else was attending the surprise party. He answered the call and was asked if there was a hostage situation occurring on the premises and of course he said, ‘No’ but to be sure they made him “come out with your hands up.”

He did and explained the goings on but they entered the building with guns drawn and did a complete search and it seemed everyone had a good time...well, except for Gary and the Dickinson Police Department.

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One of the reasons I know all this is because I was interviewed by the police a little later because I was the proprietor of the Shamrock at the time and they shook their finger in my face and scolded me although I had nothing to do with the planning or carrying out of this tidbit/flashback almost 30 years ago.

Now, enjoy the short clip...

1992, The Dickinson Press

A concerned citizen called police Friday about 9 p.m. when he saw two men in ski masks dragging a woman into the Shamrock Bar on West 1st Street.

Police responded within minutes to the crime scene, but were a bit chagrined when they got there.

Apparently, someone planned a birthday prank on a Dickinson woman. Two men went to her house dressed as robbers and “high-jacked her” to the Shamrock Bar.

“It was just a prank,” Lt. Banyai of the Dickinson Police Department said. But it would have been nice if the “robbers” had thought to first inform the police of their intended joke he said.