St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Dickinson will celebrate its German heritage with an ethic dinner on Saturday, Nov. 2.

Titled German Night, serving starts at 4:30 p.m. in the church's Pine Room. The menu features pork chops with dill sauce, sausage, kraut and dumplings, cole slaw, oven-browned potatoes and cinnamon twists for dessert.

"We're an older parish and that was their stable food -- that's what they grew up on," parish council chairman Barry Braun said. "It's exciting for me. I'm part German, part Russian and part Bohemian."

Serving will continue until the food is gone, Braun said.

"The whole idea behind German night is we wanted to have a fundraiser, but we want people to enjoy themselves -- we want the social aspect of it," he said.

Marilyn Wanner is head cook for the food. The committee includes Ellen Mann, who is making the cinnamon twists.

"It's a recipe handed down by one of my husband's aunts," Mann said.

Her mom's heritage was Swedish, so she learned to cook foods from her husband's German Russian side.

"As a young bride, his aunts taught me -- he wanted that type of cooking," she said. "Cinnamon twists and caramel rolls are part of our family's tradition. They freeze well. When my family comes home, I'll stick them in the oven a little bit and they're nice and warm when they come for breakfast."

Mann will have a demonstration of how to make cinnamon twists on Tuesday when volunteers gather in the Pine Room kitchen to make them for the benefit.

The parish's youth group will be helping to serve and clean the tables.

Proceeds will help support the Pine Room Expansion Project. Everyone is welcome.