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DSU to host festival of music

Dickinson State University welcomes the public to attend the 61st annual Northern Plains Music Festival Honors Concert at 3 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 10,in Dorothy Stickney Auditorium.

This year’s Honors Concert features  is a women’s choir, mixed choir, concert band and percussion ensemble. More than 160 high school students from 20 schools across North Dakota, South Dakota, and Montana will practice together at various locations on campus Friday, Nov. 9, and perform their selections for the audience the next day.

Students will rehearse and perform music ranging from carols and traditional ballads, to percussion ensembles played on buckets, to marches, jazz and traditional selections. The grand finale will be three movements from Carmina Burana, ending with “O Fortuna” by the massed band and choirs.

Dickinson State University faculty will head the ensembles with Dr. Brent Rogers conducting the mixed choir, Kelsey Rogers leading the women's choir, Dr. Brian Holder preparing the percussion ensemble, and Dr. Lorraine Fader directing the concert band. Joel Walters and Cheryl Hewson will participate as piano accompanists.

Clinicians for the festival include Dr. George Sorer, Conway Heupel, Kayla Kilwein, Michael Stevenson and the DSU music faculty.