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For a night of comedy -- donkey basketball

Imagine trying to pass a basketball while riding a donkey. Or better yet, imagine trying to hit the basketball hoop. That’s the challenge when four teams from South Heart will participate in the Dairyland Donkey Basketball Show.

The fun begins at 7 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 7, in the South Heart gymnasium.

“It’s the world’s craziest sport. It’s basketball played on real, live donkeys and it will be wilder than a rodeo and funnier than a circus,” as stated in the press release.

Locally, Donkey Basketball is being organized by Caring Parents Assisting Students Success.

“Basically, it’s our parent organization at South Heart Public School,” said Debbie Kuylen-Jarrett, the organization's secretary. We’re doing it every other year. Everyone wanted it last year, but it’s a lot of work.’

The company brings in 8 to 10 donkeys, but 8 donkeys are on the basketball court at one time. Some of their names are Super Stupid, Earthquake, Rocket Man, M.C. Hammer and Rigor Mortis.

“Some donkeys buck, some don’t move and some lay down,” Kuylen-Jarret said.

There are a few rules -- “When passing the ball between players, both must be mounted. Players must be mounted to shoot. Players must not let their donkeys loose at any time. Players must not pull hair, ears or tails of donkeys or each other.”

There’s really no referees.

“There are no fouls, out of bounds or time outs except for emergencies,” Kuylen-Jaret said.

The players will be divided among four teams -- the junior-senior student team, the South Heart alumni team, the South Heart staff team and the community team. The staff team were champions two years ago.

Two 15-minute games will be played, followed by the championship.

Donkey Basketball is a fundraiser for student activities, including the prom, dances, a Christmas movie for elementary kids and FFA.

A kids carnival and meal will be served from 5 to 6:30 p.m.  Games include a duck toss, 50/50 raffle and cake walk.

Tickets are $10 in advance or $15 at the door. Advance tickets are available at Logo Magic, Denny’s Electric, Dan’s Conoco in Belfield and at the school.