Post Bulletin Reporter Mark Wasson

Mark Wasson

Public Safety Reporter

Mark Wasson has been a public safety reporter with Post Bulletin since May 2022. Previously he worked as a general assignment reporter in the southwest metro and as a public safety reporter in Willmar, Minn.

He graduated from St. Cloud State University with a degree in Journalism.

Mark enjoys eating pizza with his dog and watching Parks and Rec.

Readers can reach Mark at

Prohibition-era runners brought thousands of gallons of booze into the area, and despite law enforcements raids and arrests, there was plenty of demand for 'the devil's water.'
A seemingly happy family ended in tragedy after the father bludgeoned his wife to death, suffocated his 9-year- and 22-month-old children, lit his house on fire and then hanged himself 38 years ago.
A family of five was shot to death in their rural Sunburg home in 1970. The confessed murderer, Neil M. Pladson, was sentenced to 25 years in prison. In 1987, Pladson was released to a halfway house. A year later, he was found strangled to death in his apartment. His killer, Douglas Tank, was his roommate and he told authorities that Pladson had threatened to kill the man's family while brandishing a knife. Tank said he knocked the knife out of Pladson's hand and strangled him.
The 1983 killing of Joseph "Scriver" Olson, 75, of Belgrade, remains an unsolved homicide. The investigation included an FBI profiler, who now has a Netflix show about him; a lawsuit was filed by a man who said he was tormented by law enforcement; and the Olson home burned down, twice.
Sioux Falls resident Algene Leeland Vossen, 79, is awaiting trial for murder after a Willmar Police Department cold case review team zeroed in on him in 2020. A Willmar, Minn., native, Vossen is charged in the January 1974 homicide of Mabel “Mae” Agnes Herman, 73, of Willmar.
Over the course of two weeks, members of the Willmar Police Department cold case team eliminated suspects in the stabbing death of Mabel "Mae" Agnes Boyer Herman in 1974 before securing DNA evidence that tied Algene LeeslandVossen to the 46-year-old cold case.
The American Red Cross has implemented testing for COVID-19 antibodies. Test results will be available to donors within seven to 10 days. A positive antibody test result does not confirm infection or immunity, only exposure to this new coronavirus.
Jennie-O Turkey Store pauses product at Melrose turkey processing plant due to community spread of COVID-19.
Hormel planning encore only concert featuring Chris Kroeze, runner-up on Season 15 of NBC's Emmy-winning television show "The Voice," with opening performances by Natalie Murphy, Nick Hoffman, Kat Perkins and Kennedi.
American Red Cross is seeking volunteers for blood donations due to a severe blood shortage.