Matthew Guerry

Max Voss gave haircuts six days a week for nearly 60 years to customers from far and wide.
Jim Wegner, of Austin, Minnesota, leaves behind paintings and other works that adorn his church and the homes of family members still. He died Aug. 4, 2021, at age 91.
Northstar Canoes among the region's businesses to thrive as enthusiasts flock to the outdoors.
Frances Thompson played and taught piano for decades in Duluth, where she broke barriers in education. She was 84 when she died last year of natural causes.
Randy "Flagman" Bartz was known in the sporting community for his love of waterfowl hunting and for inventing a goose decoy. Bartz died Friday, July 16, of heart failure. He was 81.
Minnesota native Doug Smart supplied a region with pool tables, dart boards and arcade games before launching Smart Skate in 1980. Smart died at age 81 on March 11, 2021.
Geraldine Carlson was a self-taught genealogist and artist in the rosemaling tradition. Carlson will be remembered at a celebration of life July 23 in Alexandria, Minn.
Michelle Mills life as a nurse, minister and Buddhist teacher spanned the continent. Mills died March 20 at age 86.
English teacher Joan Marie Quinn advised her students' newspaper and was a member of the League of Women Voters. A celebration of life for Quinn, who died at age 72, will be July 20.
Counties home to or situated near major hospitals lead the pack.