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BREAKING: Emergency water break in Dickinson

Dickinson officer shoots, kills dog

A Dickinson Police Department officer shot a black lab several times, killing it Sunday evening after the dog showed signs of aggression, police say.

"The investigation revealed that this dog had been terrorizing the neighborhood over the past couple of days and this time they actually called," DPD Capt. Joe Cianni said. "The dog was chasing the complainant in his own yard." The dog was aggressive toward passersby and vehicles, he said.

Officer Thomas Grosz responded and found the dog lying in the driveway of its residence on Ninth Avenue West, Cianni said.

"The officer got out of the car and was going to approach the residence and the dog immediately took an aggressive stance toward the officer and started showing its teeth and growling, so the officer backed slowly back to his vehicle and left," Cianni said.

Grosz went to the home of the person who called in the complaint, Cianni said.

"While he was meeting with the neighbor in front of the neighbor's house, the dog suddenly started running toward the officer and the neighbor while growling and barking," Cianni said.

Grosz felt he had no choice but to shoot the dog, Cianni said. Cianni did not know how many times the dog was shot but he said the dog continued to charge after being fired at. "Normally they back down," he said. "This one apparently did not and it was making a B-line for the officer and the complainant."

The owner of the dog, who could not be reached for comment Monday, was out of town, Cianni said.

Arrangements had reportedly been made with people to feed and water the dog.

However, the dog had apparently not been fed Sunday, Cianni said. It was in a fence but had managed to get out, he added.

"I don't believe it had rabies," he said, adding it had a history of aggressiveness.

The department did an investigation and determined Grosz's actions were justified, Cianni said.

Cianni is not aware of any other time a Dickinson officer shot a dog.

The neighbor who called in the dog could not be reached Monday.