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Belfield principal dismissed after misconduct with students allegations

The Belfield Public School Board dismissed “with cause” former Belfield High School Principal Jeffrey Lamprecht on Tuesday, following allegations of misconduct with some of his students last year.

After two days of closed hearings at Dickinson’s La Quinta Inn, the board, signaled by a motion from board member Dan Obrigewitch, unanimously voted to dismiss Lamprecht from the position he had held for nine years, according to meeting minutes.

Lamprecht was suspended without pay in June after the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation, Stark County Social Services and the Belfield Police Department investigated him for alleged sexual misconduct, though no criminal charges were ever brought against him.

According to a BCI document, Lamprecht was alleged to have held multiple closed-door meetings with various female students for hours at a time. Belfield social studies teacher Randy McDowell alleged in a letter to BCI that Lamprecht provided one female student with a package of “nutritional supplements in the form of pills.”

Lamprecht also allegedly “said he could heal her through faith, laid hands on her and prayed over her,” among other allegations reported by fellow teachers. BCI agents found 15 to 20 photographs of school-aged children on Lamprecht’s phone, according to one report; most were female.

Board members in October rejected Lamprecht’s motion to dismiss the allegations.

“In all fairness, it has to go through the hearing because we have to hear both sides,” board member Tony Krebs said then.

Belfield Schools Superintendent Wade Northrop took over principal duties during Lamprecht’s suspension, though it is unknown who will fill the position permanently. The Press was unable to reach Northrop for comment Thursday. Lamprecht did not immediately return calls to The Press.