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Rezone of land in north Dickinson denied

An application to rezone a 17-acre plot of land from mobile home residential to general commercial was unanimously denied by the Dickinson Planning & Zoning board on Wednesday morning.

The piece of land, which is located on the southern portion of the North Park Addition Subdivision and on the north side of 21st Street East, is undeveloped.

Owner Ted Bratten said the way the land is currently zoned only allows for manufactured homes to be built on the property. However, his vision, when he acquired the plot nearly 20 years ago was for businesses to be developed in the area.

City Planner Steve Josephson said after review of the property, he believes rezoning the land to general commercial could encompass too many potential commercial businesses.

"To go to general commercial is a very broad range of uses," Josephson said. "Some of which would not even be compatible with the existing mobile home parks."

Josephson said a better alternative could be to leave land zoned as it is and change it once a business has presented a concept. He said that direction could give the board more decision-making power, which could soften visual impacts.

Because Bratten doesn't want to develop the land himself, Josephson said he doesn't have to take on rezoning it.

Commissioners agreed that some general commercial uses could work in the location, but not all that are listed under the general commercial category.

"It's hard to control it later," board member Jason Fridrich said.

Special use permit for telecommunications tower approved

A special use permit for an 89-foot telecommunications tower, located on the 1000 block of Gum Avenue was approved by board members.

The tower is proposed to be set back about 60 feet from the road and more than 300 feet from the nearest occupied structure. The pole will be used for Verizon cellphone coverage.

The parcel of land in discussion is currently owned by the Dickinson Parks Department and is undeveloped.

Planning Director Walter Hadley said before the monopole is erected, Verizon will need to agree to two additional conditions.

He said Stark County and the City of Dickinson must be able to place EMS equipment on the tower.

City Engineer Craig Kubas also said the city would need full access to a nearby water line, which was previously overlooked.

"It's an important water main that we need to have access to," Kubas said.

There is a current lease agreement, but access to the water main was not included in that document.