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Stark County Fairgrounds to be complete by mid-November

The design for the Stark County Fairgrounds will feature a rodeo arena with a 2,500-seat main grandstand. The current rodeo arena at Dickinson State University will be moved to the site to serve as a practice space. (Graphic by JLG Arcitects)

The Stark County Fairgrounds are inching closer to completion everyday.

The $5.3 million project is slated to be finished in mid-November, said Glenn Schmaltz of Scull Construction.

"The weather has affected us a little the past couple of weeks," he said.

But through it all, there are only a few more moving parts before the construction is completed, just in time before wintery weather makes outdoor construction difficult.

"There will be 15 guys out here on any given day," Schmaltz said of the construction crew and subcontractors.

Most of the subcontractors are locals, the only subcontractor that isn't a local business is a Billings, Mont., company that specializes in bleachers and grandstands.

The grandstands will hold 2,500 people and will feature a rodeo arena that was moved from its previous location on the Dickinson State University campus to the new fairgrounds location off of Highway 22 a couple miles south of Dickinson.

Arnie Binek, Stark County Park Board chair, said the first event that'll likely happen at the fairgrounds next spring will be the DSU rodeo.

Concrete has been poured, the bleachers and crow's nest are on site and trees have been planted.

Schmaltz said the last pieces are finishing the concession stand, completing the grandstand and other miscellaneous things. But overall, he said, it's moving along well.

Binek agrees and said while it's been a long time coming for the community to have its own fairgrounds, right now everyone is focusing on "trying to get 'er done."