WILLISTON, N.D.-Target Logistics and Lodging Solutions will be trying on a new hat following the city commission's unanimous decision to rezone the property on Tuesday, allowing them to pursue plans to convert the crew camp into a hotel..

The two companies, which own 40 acres located at 13 104th Street E, had proposed plans to turn their temporary workforce housing facility to a 636-bed hotel, last November.

The concept was generated after a yearlong struggle against a city enforced crew camp ban that finally led to legal action, a case still currently being pursued in federal court.

Preliminary plans were submitted on Nov. 2, and the proposal came before the Planning and Zoning Commission, which offered its recommendation to the city, contingent on Target Logistics removing cabins from the site and repurposed buildings meeting zoning and building code standards.

The facility will have to follow requirements from the fire marshal, which will include sprinkler plans. This may require hookup to a rural water line and the remodel will need to be evaluated as a "new-build project."

The project will also require paving for access and parking, as well as ordinance-defined landscaping.

Target Logistics Regional Vice President Travis Kelley told the planning department that their biggest efforts are currently understanding how the facility can be redeveloped to meet ADA, parking and building standards in order to receive a Certificate of Occupancies.

For the project to move forward, the city had to rezone the property from light industrial zoning to general commercial, which would allow hospitality operations.

The land was originally purchased in Williams County but was annexed into the city in 2013, requiring the crew camps to adhere to city guidelines. The property was zoned light industrial, which most closely reflected county zoning, but would not allow for temporary workforce housing.