The Dickinson Press mission has been to provide our readers with information that enriches your life.

During the last 133 years your newspaper like any business has evolved to take advantage of new opportunities and challenges of our changing world. The internet has allowed us to better serve our customers with new and innovative ways to distribute information. Stories can break virtually any time and now we publish to our website in near real time and are viewed by thousands on their computers, tablets and cell phones. The internet has also caused all businesses to restructure their business models.

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Our newspaper must utilize this new technology like many other media companies to allow us to provide you with the best information at a cost per month that remains affordable. Delivery of our newspaper via the internet has become a viable option that must become part of our distribution model.

Beginning Tuesday, Feb. 28 the Dickinson Press will switch to seven day a week web distribution format. The printed edition will be delivered Tuesday through Saturday and the e-edition will be published on the web seven days a week.

The Dickinson Press has entered into a new contract with USA Today to provide a variety of additional national, news, sports, financial and lifestyle pages. Starting Feb. 28 three to four USA Today pages a day will be added to the print edition of the Dickinson Press.

The Dickinson Press e-edition will include up to 10 additional pages. The Dickinson Press e-edition will be published on our website at 1 a.m. seven days a week 365 days a year no matter the weather or road conditions and is available to subscribers as part of your current print subscription.

We will be publishing instructions for those of you who are not signed up to our e-edition in the coming days. I would encourage you to sign up to the e-edition prior to Feb. 28 to take advantage of the additional pages beginning that week.

Starting March 4 our weekly publication the Advertizer will now include local and USA today lifestyle pages and be delivered by your newspaper carrier to you on Sunday.

Change is never easy, but continuing to operate on yesterday's model is no longer feasible. Countless hours have been spent developing the new publishing model. The new format will allow The Dickinson Press to embrace the new world we live in and distribute more information and offers the best opportunity to serve our customer's needs for the future.


Harvey Brock