About an hour and a half into a service with nationally known pastor Rodney Howard-Browne at Dickinson's River Church, two men, Jordan Hall of Sidney, Mont. and Kyle Small of Watford City, stood up and loudly protested the fact that LaShawn Bedsole, a female pastor at the church, was allowed to speak in the church due to her gender. Dickinson's River Church hosted Howard-Browne for a sermon on Tuesday night for an event called One Night Holy Ghost Revival.

The men were dragged out of the church by members of the church and into the parking lot of the T-Rex Plaza. Churchgoers called the Dickinson Police Department who arrived several minutes later. Officers questioned the two men and held them outside of T-Rex Plaza until asking them to leave roughly a half hour afterwards. The two men complied and appeared to enter their vehicles, though some members of the church remained on watch for the two men outside.

"The individual was shouting scripture in regards to female pastors and the lack of scripture being preached," Wade Borts said, a member of Dickinson's River Church. "We addressed him to leave and he refused so several members decided to help him out"

For some, the incident felt especially scary in light the recent shooting at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas that killed over two dozen people.

"How would you know the guy wouldn't all of a sudden pull out a gun or something?" another church goer Leyman Tedford said. "It's alarming, he was crazy-looking, he didn't look right to me."

In an interview after the incident Hall said he chose to interrupt the service over objections to the preachings of Howard-Browne and claimed that the Bible doesn't allow women to preach in church.

Hall denied this incident could be especially fear-inducing in light of recent church shootings.

"I would be disappointed if the average sentient human being couldn't tell the difference between someone speaking loudly and someone shooting at them," Hall said. "I understand that people are very easily frightened."

In responding to a question on whether this interruption was based on discrimination of women Hall said, "you're calling God sexist, because I'm quoting the scripture."

The two men each wore video recording devices and are members of the Fellowship Baptist Church in Sidney, Mont.