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Dickinson couple's engagement made special with assist from DPD, DFD

Danyelle Hall and Sergey Cook got engaged last weekend with the help of the Dickinson Police Department and the Dickinson Fire Department. (Submitted photo)

What was thought to be a routine trip to Walmart last weekend quickly became a night of worry for Danyelle Hall, but it didn't take long to turn into one of the most memorable nights of her life.

Hall was driving with her boyfriend Sergey Cook to pick up a television. As the two drove across town, Hall couldn't help but notice the number of police cars in the area. Little did she know that the night would end with her boyfriend down on one knee and her saying "yes" to his proposal.

Cook had done a "fake proposal" earlier in the day by putting the ring box inside of a diaper.

"She was really upset because she knew it was fake and not real," he said. "She threw the ring across the room and she was upset the entire day."

Cook enlisted the help of the Dickinson police and fire departments later that day to pull off the real proposal. He gave an officer a description of his car and his license plate number, and asked them to pull him over at a certain time, in a certain place. The officer agreed as long as there wasn't a public safety concern going on in town.

"When we pulled into the Walmart parking lot, (the officers) pulled us over and Danyelle started freaking out," Cook said. "She said, 'I've never been pulled over. What's going on?' So, she started to panic a little bit."

Cook said the officer told them they were being pulled over because the taillights on their vehicle were out and asked for both of their driver's licenses. The officer then asked Cook to get out of his car and made it look like he was being arrested. The officer told Hall that Cook had a warrant out for his arrest ,but he would allow her to say goodbye to her boyfriend before they took him away. When Hall got out of the vehicle and walked toward Cook, he was down on one knee ready to propose.

"She just screamed and was like, 'What?!' " Cook said. "It was a huge thrill for her because she thought I was going to jail and then 'boom,' something totally opposite happened. All of her friends came running up with flowers and recording with their phones. ... So I basically gave her a heart attack."

Hall said the traffic stop was scary at first, and then when Cook proposed she was "in shock."

"I was thinking, this is terrible, but a great proposal at the same time," Hall said.

Cook said he got the idea to involve law enforcement in his proposal when he saw a post on Dickinson Classifieds about the blue and green lights throughout town that represent support for law enforcement and veterans.

The pair have been together for more than a year and met nine years ago when Cook visited his sister in Williston.

The couple thanked the Dickinson police and fire departments for their help with the proposal and for the work they do day in and day out for community.

"It was really awesome of them to go out of their way," Cook said. "It doesn't necessarily mean that they're not busy or had anything to do, but when they had the time to do it, it was really awesome."

Sydney Mook

Sydney Mook has been covering higher education at the Grand Forks Herald since May 2018. She previously served as the multimedia editor and cops, courts and health reporter at the Dickinson Press from January 2016 to May 2018.  She graduated from the University of South Dakota with a bachelor's degree in journalism and political science in three and half years in December 2015. While at the USD, she worked for the campus newspaper, The Volante, as well as the television news show, Coyote News. She also interned at South Dakota Public Broadcasting and spent the summer before her senior year interning in Fort Knox for the ROTC Cadet Summer Training program. In her spare time, Sydney enjoys cheering on the New York Yankees and the Kentucky Wildcats, as well as playing golf. If you've got an idea for a video be sure to give her a call!

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