Sheriff’s deputy offers aid during blizzard


With blasting winds kicking up whiteout conditions across western North Dakota on Monday night, it was advised to everyone to hunker down and stay indoors.

But in Dunn County, power outages saw residents facing potentially critical emergencies—and one Dunn County Sheriff's Deputy stepped up to take action.

"I am a Deputy with the Dunn County Sheriff's Office," began a Facebook post posted on a Dunn County Facebook page by Deputy Tim Sul. "As you can see, the weather is terrible and no travel is advised. There are reports of power outages across the county. If you or anyone you know is in need of anything, like milk for the little ones or water or anything I can get at the Cenex in Killdeer, I will gladly go for it if not tied up in a call."

Deputy Sul's actions were confirmed by his commanding officer, Sgt. Ben Erickson, who said that he found out about the deputy's actions after he'd made the Facebook post.

"I believe it came up at the spur of the moment for him," Erickson said in a phone interview. "That's what we do, we serve and protect. He was just going above and beyond."

Describing Sul as the sort of person "that does that stuff all the time", Erickson said that he encourages his deputies to be visible amongst the community.

"My thing is, go out there and be visible and help them as much as possible. He took it to the next level," Erickson said. "I don't know if anyone took him up on the offer."

Deputy Sul spoke to the Press in a phone interview to explain what prompted him to make the post.

"I've been a LEO for six years, I've been here in Dunn County for four years ... I can honestly say that, I enjoy working here," Sul said. "It's because of the values our admin staff instil in us, the deputies, to go out and serve our community in times of need ... We were working til six a.m. and there was a travel advisory so I figured, I'm out here, if I can go out there and help people get water and milk."

Sul said that nobody ultimately needed the assistance. He said that the support and appreciation of Dunn County towards their local law enforcement is a big part of of what prompted him to want to do more.

"The tremendous support of Dunn county ... it makes us want to get out there and give back," Sul said. "I saw it as an opportunity to give back."

Erickson said that the power outages were likely what drove Sul to make the post, and he said the sheriff's office had received a few calls here and there during Monday's night's storm, which saw blizzard conditions and no-travel advisories across vast swathes of the state.

"It seemed like a good portion of the state was no travel advised," Erickson said. "(Sul) just figured that was probably the best thing to do ... and to let them know that the Sheriff's Office is here to help you."

Going the extra mile is consistent with Sul's personality, Erickson said.

"He's always offering up help out in the community. That's our job, but he's always doing (a bit more)," Erickson said. "It's kind of that, he's always out there with the public and talking to the public."

The Facebook post currently sits at over 1,000 likes, and there are dozens of comments expressing praise for the efforts of DCSO.

A Dunn Center resident, Patty Hals commented: "Dunn County Deputy at it's finest. Our county is lucky to have you."

Nicole Nowitzki commented:

"I feel that we have the most amazing officers here in Dunn County!"