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Traveling Trump gear saleswoman calls this her dream job

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FARGO, N.D.—From 'Make America Great Again' hats to 'Women for Trump' shirts, traveling tents filled with presidential support are popping up in the metro.

President Trump is set to land in Fargo sometime Wednesday ahead of a campaign rally in support of Congressman Kevin Cramer's run for Senate.

One of those sellers in town calls this is her dream job.

This job brings Angel Hill from the beaches of Florida to a parking lot by Main Avenue in Fargo.

"He's a good president for us right now," said Angel Hill next to her tent of MAGA hats and Trump t-shirts.

After the kids of this former stay-at-home mom left the nest, she decided to leave the nest too.

"Before I never traveled and went anywhere and now I've almost been everywhere," she said.

She loves getting paid to see the country while promoting her president.

Now she, and at least seven other companies, are setting up shop in North Dakota.

"Most of the other vendors don't have tie-dye," Hill said. "Course I've got some 'Women for Trump.' You gotta have that."

When asked about the big issues, like immigration and opting out of the national anthem, she stands with President Trump.

"I've got some I stand for the flag which I think everyone in the United States should do," she said.

No matter where she goes, she gets lots of shouts from supporters, and from the people who think she's wrong.

"Oh yes, I respond," she added. "I say hi."

Hill wears her MAGA hat everywhere, saying she gets plenty of criticism for being a black Trump supporter.

"Cause I was a Democrat my whole life," she said. "My parents told me I was."

She said she went from Democrat to Republican after the Reagan era.

"I don't think a lot of black people are into politics and so they don't really understand how everything works," she said. "Because if they did, then they probably would no longer be Democrats."

No matter the flack - she insists on staying nice - while enjoying what she considers the way for her to live.

She says herself and the other traveling salespeople will all be at Scheels Arena this Wednesday.