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New Dickinson business offers saltwater therapy, crystals and stones

Megan Lashbrook adjusts one of Salt of the Earth's many eye-catching rocks. Rocks, crystals and lanterns made of salt. (Iain Woessner / The Dickinson Press)1 / 2
Erica Kuntz showcases Salt of the Earth's salt water flotation tank, which provides myriad health benefits, all at Dickinson's newest downtown business, Salt of the Earth. (Iain Woessner / The Dickinson Press)2 / 2

Downtown Dickinson is rocking a new addition—Salt of the Earth, a locally owned store that offers saltwater flotation therapy, crystals, salt lamps and other health-focused additions to the home and office.

"We offer saltwater floatation therapy, as well as offer rocks and crystals, geodes, gemstones and crystals," Erica Kuntz, who founded Salt of the Earth alongside her friend and business partner Megan Lashbrook. "(Flotation therapy is) good for reducing stress, balancing hormones, normalizing your blood pressure, improving sleep and it speeds up muscle recovery and enhances creativity. Salt is very detoxing for the body."

The therapy itself has an individual lie in a sizable flotation tank, about 8 feet by 4 feet, where they float in saltwater in the dark, a type of sensory-deprivation experience.

"It's kind of like being in the ocean, but it's more concentrated," Kuntz said. "When you come out you're covered in salt, so you have to shower. You go in there and can be completely weightless. You won't have any of the pressures of gravity pulling down on your joints and your muscles."

Sessions typically go for about an hour to an hour and a half, Kuntz said.

Kuntz and Lashbrook have worked together for years, once cleaning houses together, before they decided they wanted a change. Around that time, Kuntz was persuaded by her friends to try saltwater flotation therapy to help her with thyroid problems.

"I tried it once in Bismarck. I was really having some problems with my thyroid and I didn't want to go on medication or anything like that, so someone recommended that, and I went and I floated one time and I came out and I felt a million times better," she said. "I really wanted to share that with people."

For Lashbrook, her interest and passion is in the myriad glittering gemstones that occupy the shelves and displays of the storefront. Amid the nooks of the store glow small crystalline chunks of salt and other stones, glowing with a warm light—lanterns made of salt and gemstones.

"That helps clean and purify the air. It puts salt in the air," Kuntz said. "Some people come in here and say they can even taste the salt."

"They're good for allergies and asthma," Lashbrook added. "They neutralize the ions coming off your phones or TV's; there's been research done with that."

Lashbrook said she's been fond of rocks since her childhood.

"I have loved (crystals and rocks) since I was very young," Lashbrook said. "I've always done a lot of research on them. I could probably tell you what every single one of these in here is without a sign."

Her favorite in the store is smoky quartz, a grey-black slab of quartz sporting crystalline growths.

In addition to flotation therapy, geodes and lamps, Salt of the Earth offers handmade soaps, candles and corn packs, which can be heated in the microwave and placed on sore muscles.

Salt of the Earth is located at 44 W. Villard St. In Dickinson, near Blue 42. They can be reached at 701-590-5005.