Stark Development Corporation is planning to move into downtown Dickinson's historic Elks Building, on the corner of First Street and First Avenue.

The nonprofit, which fosters economic development and offers resources to entrepreneurs, is located in the Dickinson Area Chamber of Commerce offices, at 314 Third Ave. NW.

SDC Board President T.J. Herauf, at Tuesday's meeting of the SDC board, said the move would benefit the SDC and its efforts.

"We had different places we could go and some were cheaper. We just thought that was the best thing for us to do," he said. "It's somewhat of an elegant business area, if you walk past it, just look in the windows. And it will be a really wonderful situation for us."

Board members voiced support for the move, saying SDC needs a place where they can meet with businesses and get to know them and their needs better.

The new space will also grant SDC a greater sense of confidentiality.

"Here, the walls, you can talk and hear it on the other end," Herauf said.

Rent for the space will be $2,000 per month, Herauf said.

As a DACC member, the SDC will still have access to the Chamber's conference room and likely continue to hold its monthly meetings there.

The space for meeting rooms is much smaller at the Elks Building, Herauf noted.

"It's probably two-thirds of this size. It might be a little bit tight," he said. "We also talked about AES and seeing if we could use their conference room. I don't think it's that big a deal for us to come down here or go up there, or for that matter to make that smaller area work."

Herauf requested a budget of $35,000 for the move.

Among the items that will be needed for the new space are printers, office desks, conference table, chairs, filing cabinets and a sign.

"We do it right," he said. "We certainly don't want to cheap things out. When you're talking about Stark Development, that's going to be bringing in hopefully big companies and we don't want to have junk around."

The board granted a budget of $40,000, with board permission required for further funds.

Sarah Trustem, DACC executive director, at Tuesday's meeting, supported the move.

"It's sad to see you go, but I completely understand the direction they want to take," she said. "Stark Development is really getting their name out there, and they need a space that's going to accommodate that. They need privacy."

She added, "We're devastated to lose them, but we're completely supportive, as well."