On Wednesday afternoon, the Badlands Crime Stoppers held a meeting of the board of directors at the Public Safety Building in Dickinson.

The Dickinson Police Department was excited to announce the reincorporation of Badlands Crime Stoppers. The non-profit organization, whose mission aids local law enforcement in solving crimes through community involvement, was originally established locally in 1985.

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The resurrected Badlands Crime Stoppers is expected to play an integral role in community oriented policing practices through providing tip lines in call, text and email format, crime bulletins, public safety announcements and monetary rewards for information provided.

Badlands Crime Stoppers is a locally based and operated 501c3 whose newly established board of directors, led by President Dean Rummel, are derived from volunteer community stakeholders. Mr. Rummel was recruited by the Dickinson Police Department and was instrumental in the resurrection of the program. The board of professionals will oversee every aspect of the program from general management to fundraising.

"The program was very effective in the past so when it did dissolve and was no longer active, all we're doing is reactivating that. It's something that the community can get involved in," Rummel said. "What we're after here is information - not names. There are a lot of eyes and ears out there and there is a big opportunity for the community to help the police department solve some crimes."

The Dickinson Police Department will work very closely with the board and has already assigned a departmental liaison who will act as an advisor and facilitator of the program at a departmental level.

"From the police department side of this, we're looking at trying to find every angle we can to build closer relationships with the community. This program in particular we like because it establishes that connection," Detective Sgt. Kylan Klauzer said. "A big part of this is the anonymity of our citizens. This is going to afford a monetary compensation, a little bit extra to incentivize that person under certain circumstances and will be justly paid out for those that deserve a little something."

Dickinson Police and Badlands Crime Stoppers will work in unity and plan to involve the community in the effort to fight local crime.

"There have been a lot of technological changes that have happened since the last iteration of the program. Detective Klauzer has incorporated texting so that we can do that. We are going to keep it fairly simple though, because Crime Stoppers was very effective if we look back," Rummel said. "We've got to walk before we run. We are a non-profit organization and are always willing to accept any help from our local community."