A multi-vehicle accident involving a minivan and a Dickinson Public Schools bus occurred near the intersection of State Avenue and 21st Street W., near the Peace Lutheran Church .

According to Capt. David Wilkie of the Dickinson Police Department, the minivan was traveling east on 21st Street when the driver of the minivan veered into the oncoming lane of traffic while performing a left turn toward Prairie Oak Drive.

The vehicles involved were damaged seriously enough to warrant both being towed from the scene. The minivan's driver side front and the bus' rear axle sustained serious damage during the collision. The minivan's airbag deployed during the collision and resulted in minor injuries requiring the driver to be transported to CHI St. Alexius Hospital.

At the time of the incident the bus was in the process of transporting children for after-school drop-off, and three children were in the bus at the time of the accident.

According to Police, none of the children nor the driver of the bus sustained injuries in the collision.

Emergency responders including Dickinson Police, Stark County Sheriff's Office and Dickinson Fire Department were on scene assisting in the cordoning of the area and extraction of the injured driver of the minivan.

Dickinson Police stated that the accident is still under investigation and more information will be forthcoming.