The City of Dickinson installed 3,488 linear feet of sidewalk in 2018.

Craig Kubas, city engineer, called the 2018 program "very successful."

"They were a long time coming to get these sidewalks installed, because they were difficult," he said. "The landowners invested some of their private money and the city invested some of our budget in these sidewalks."

The program had a budget of $215,000, and concluded with a balance of $15,331.

The new sidewalk, installed by Dickinson-based Winn Construction Inc., cost $146,669.

"We might not have hit all the areas we wanted to do, but we used about 90 percent of the budget," Kubas said.

The department's budget was increased for 2018. Prior, it had been $75,000 each year.

"We couldn't have nearly touched the amount of properties we did without that increase," Kubas said.

New sidewalk was installed along Ninth Avenue East, near Dickinson Mausoleum and St. Patrick's Cemetery, among other sites.

Gaps in sidewalks along city-owned property were also filled in.

"We love to see these gaps filled in, and it's been a goal of our commission to increase the miles of trails we have in town and also to help increase the connectivity of our sidewalks," Kubas said. "We believe this program is a great step towards that goal."

One challenging location proved to be a segment across from Dickinson Middle School, done in partnership with a private property owner.

"We have some city storm drain right in the corner of that property that we needed to box out," Kubas said. "We didn't assess that to the landowner. We took that on as a city cost to maintain our storm sewer system."

From the 2018 project budget, $53,000 was spent on residential special assessments to allow private property owners to voluntarily install or replace damaged sidewalk.

"It was by far the most we've had in my time with the city," Kubas said. "Some of it took some outreach to make them aware of the program, but that was successful."

Dickinson Parks & Recreation Department also participated in the program, installing 1,808 linear feet of new sidewalk.

With a budget of $60,000, the department went over that amount by $4,634.

The funds came from the Parks & Recreation budget, but the department joined the city in the bid for the project.

The city department again has a $215,000 budget for its program, and is targeting more than 4,600 feet of new sidewalk across Dickinson in 2019.

One site being considered is west of Dickinson Middle School.

"That's city owned property out there," Kubas said. "It's bare ground right now, but we know there's a lot of drop-offs happening on that street."

Sites will be prioritized later this year with input from city commissioners.

"We want to make sure we fill in all the gaps that are really critical," Kubas said, "but some of these might not be that critical, or the topography makes its unfeasible to install a sidewalk."