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O'Brien is new Belfield auditor

Connie O'Brien is the new auditor for the city of Belfield.

O'Brien began work on Monday after being appointed by the Belfield city council in January.

A lifelong native of Belfield, O'Brien grew up on a ranch northwest of the city.

She has served the community as a member of its park board for seven years, and has worked on noxious weed programs for Billings, Stark and Golden Valley counties.

She graduated from Belfield High School, and received an accounting degree from Dickinson State University, where she has also worked.

Being auditor provides a change for O'Brien.

"I like to be challenged," she said. "I'd worked for an oil field company for 11 and a half years and decided I needed to do something different. A different path was needed."

She added, "I decided I would try something to see what I could give back to my community to keep our town going and thriving."

The duties of city auditor are many.

"I'll be taking care of any grant work that needs to come in," O'Brien said. "I'll work with the community on other community projects. I'll be working in the office taking care of all the necessities from customers who come in to paying bills."

O'Brien will also attend city meetings, keep complete records, conduct financial transactions and examine bonds, and handle the city's annual budget.

When O'Brien heard she had been chosen to be the new auditor, she was excited.

"It's one of those things where you can finally give back to the place you've lived all your life, instead of taking everything for granted," she said. "It's an exciting step."

O'Brien's first few days in the new position have gone well.

"I've been learning the system and visiting with people who have come in," she said. "They have accepted me in the office."

Far from being daunted, O'Brien looks forward to the challenges that can come with being the city auditor.

"I'm really excited to see what's in store for Belfield and the community," she said. "I want to be a big part of that, moving forward."