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The Browery brings micro-blading to Dickinson

Lynelle Pfremmer opened The Browery to be able to provide microblading services to the Dickinson area. At her 27 First St. W. studio, she shows some of the tools she uses for the three hour procedure. (Brandon L. Summers / The Dickinson Press)

The Browery, located at 27 First St. W., offers eyebrow microblading services in Dickinson.

Owner Lynelle Pfremmer says it is preferable to eyebrow tattooing.

"I'm able to create really natural-looking lifelike hairstrokes," she said. "For people who have experienced hair loss due to chemotherapy of medications, aging, picking, anything like that, we're able to recreate a really natural-looking eyebrow."

The effect is achieved with handheld, non-motorized tool.

"I make tiny incisions, which the pigment is inserted into, and once the skin fully heals, then the pigment will last anywhere from about 18 to 36 months," Pfremmer said.

The three hour procedure starts with mapping out the shape.

"I don't use stencils," Pfremmer said. "I create a shape for every client based on their facial features, their bone structure. That process can take anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes."

A topical anesthetic is used on brow area after.

"Usually, you just feel a bit of a scratching sensation or pressure," Pfremmer said. "You don't feel the pain."

Pfremmer has a medical background, previously working as an ultrasound technician, and at Dickinson High School served as a special education paraeducator.

When she began looking for a microblading artist for herself, the nearest to be found was in Montana, with some in Minnesota.

"I couldn't find an artist locally who had a portfolio or who would do microblading," she said. "Everybody wanted to do eyebrow tattooing, and I didn't want that."

Though North Dakota doesn't require certification, Pfremmer wanted hands-on training and practiced microblading in Kansas City, Mo.

She opened The Browery part-time in August and the business instantly took off.

"I ended up booking four months in advance," she said.

In October, Pfremmer left DHS and became a full-time microblading artist.

At her First Avenue studio, she has helped clients from ages 18 to 78.

"I've done clients for various reasons, really from all walks of life, all age ranges," Pfremmer said. "It's not just a one-size fits all. Anybody can have it done."

The experience can be an emotional one for Pfremmer's clients.

"If it's a client who has experienced hair loss because of chemotherapy treatment, that's something you don't necessarily think about going into it. You don't realize your going to lose your eyebrows," she said. "After having the procedure done, these women are able to say, cancer didn't win."

Pfremmer enjoys being able to help her clients.

"It's just a really incredible feeling to give that back to a woman, to give her back her self-confidence," she said.

For Pfremmer, being a business owner has yielded other rewards, as well.

"They come in as stranger and leave as friends," she said. "Not being from here, but being able to form those relationships, has meant the world to me."