Stark County will resume normal testing of the outdoor warning sirens beginning Wednesday, April 17. Testing will occur every Wednesday at 11:00 a.m., at which time the sirens will sound for 30 seconds.

"We test our sirens weekly, for 30 seconds, to ensure that all sirens are sounding and operational in the county," Bill Fahlsing, director of Stark County Emergency Services, said. "We normally begin our weekly tests in the spring and they run until the fall, ending usually around the first snowfall."

The outdoor warning sirens will be activated when the National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning for any community located in Stark County; a funnel or tornado is reported within 15 miles of any city within Stark County, and the funnel or tornado is on a direct path to hit any city within Stark County; when sustained wind speeds of 70 miles per hour or greater are reported to be approaching or within any city of Stark County; and when testing and maintenance operations are in effect.

"Don't be alarmed during the normal weekly testing, but if you are familiar with the sirens and notice that during the testing period that it is not sounding, please contact our department so that we can resolve those issues," Fahlsing said. "In total, we have 19 sirens that are spread throughout the county in strategic locations and have added two new sirens. The new sirens are located at the Stark County fairgrounds and one at the new water tower at the city of Dickinson."

If you hear the sirens during the above mentioned, please seek shelter immediately. Tune to local media stations for additional information and do not dial 9-1-1, unless you have an emergency requiring emergency response.