Minnie Lefor turns 95 on April 24, but that hasn't stopped her from bowling - or baking, driving and sewing.

Lefor's bowling league, the Coffee Cup League, has hosted a birthday party for her at the Paragon Bowling Alley (where they've been since Classic Lanes closed) every year since she turned 90. Her party this year was Thursday, and her first frame of the day was a strike.

Bobbie Kadrmas bowls in the same league as Lefor.

"I hope I can bowl when I'm her age," Kadrmas laughed.

Prior to bowling, the ladies enjoyed food and cake, one of her team members telling Lefor, "You keep us going," to which Lefor replied, "I will keep doing it as long as I can."

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She has been bowling since 1978, when her family moved off the farm and into Dickinson. Her husband started bowling and wanted her to join him in a couple's league. She said she bowled a lot of 200 games in those days. She thinks her best score is 247.

Lefor likes to bowl for the company and to get her out of the house.

When her family tried to console her for a less-than-ideal frame, she said, "I know it! Why do you guys think I come? I am not a good bowler anymore! But I gotta come just to get out of the house!"

She also does it for the exercise.

"It's the only exercise I get. I do walk sometimes ... around and around my dining room table just to get moving," Lefor said.

Lefor's daughter, Gale Robinson, said her mom bowls in the winter and summer leagues. In the bad weather, Lefor's son Greg Lefor takes her to Paragon.

"Even when it was snowing, 'I got to get bowling, Greg,' so we brought her because we didn't want her driving - and she drives ... She's pretty independent," her son said.

She still bakes, too, though her daughter uses the deep fryer for her.

"I don't let her deep fry because she shakes. I mean, it's kinda dangerous. Otherwise, anytime she bakes caramel rolls, (it's) completely on her own," Robinson said.

Though her hands shake, Lefor still even does alterations, which she started doing when she moved to Dickinson, working for the clothing store Desmond's.

"After they closed up, I just passed out some little cards, and I did it in my own house. I did it for - God, how many years did I do it?" she said.

She doesn't do nearly the amount she used to do, though.

"Whenever somebody brings something, I'll do it, but you know when you get shaky, it doesn't work like it (used to), but I won't refuse nobody," she said.

All in all, Lefor likes to stay busy.

"I have to! I mean, when we were on the farm, I couldn't help but - things had to be done, so I was busy. Then when you move to town, you can't just sit. I couldn't," she said.