On July 20th, about 50 lemonade stands will line the streets of Dickinson as part of the Dickinson Area Chamber of Commerce's participation in Lemonade Day, a national program promoting entrepreneurship in children.

Bismarck and Williston are already participants in the program, and based on a Bismarck Chamber of Commerce suggestion, Dickinson decided to participate, too.

The stands' locations will be posted on Lemonade Day's website.

"Part of the curriculum is where (the kids) have to choose an ideal location, so obviously they want to pick somewhere that has a good traffic area but there aren't 10 other stands. Once they choose their area, they can plot it on a map online," said Katie Culver, city director for Lemonade Day.

After kids register for the program, they are given a yellow backpack with a workbook and mentor guide.

"The workbook has different activities for them to understand how to plan a business by breaking it down to the very simple concepts of deciding on what their budget's going to be, where they're going to get the money from and what everything is going to look like as far as their stand and what flavor of lemonade," Culver said.

The mentor guide is for the adult that will assist the child in the process.

"Typically it's going to be a parent, but it can be an older sibling, it can be a family friend, it can be whoever has the time to really go through these lessons with them," Culver said.

From the money generated by the stand, the students will have to pay back whoever gave them their starting funds. With the remaining money, Culver said they are encouraged to save, spend and donate based on the goals they set at the start of the program.

"In the school system, there really isn't anything geared toward financial responsibility. This program really focuses on that - on setting a goal, setting a budget, making sure it's realistic and then following through with it," she said.

Culver hopes to have registration open at the beginning of May.

"If you go to lemonadeday.org, you can see it has an area for you to select your city. Right now, it will say registration is pending. As soon as that opens up, that would change," she said.

Lemonade Day began in Houston, Texas, in 2007 and has since expanded to 72 territories in 3 countries.