East Villard is getting a much needed overhaul.

The road south of the Interstate 94 business loop, from 10th Avenue East to Energy Drive, has deteriorated beyond the point of patching, Gary Zuroff, public works director, explained.

"It's worked for a couple of years," Zuroff said, "but just because of the age of the pavement, the settling, this year specifically, I don't know if it's because of the moisture or the different temperatures, but we've had a lot of streets blow up, and East Villard really took it."

Because of the city boundary lines, the city of Dickinson only has 73 percent of East Villard, with the other 27 percent falling to Stark County.

This includes a roughly five-block segment and another section where the city/county line falls along the middle of the road itself.

Repairs to the city portion will cost an estimated $260,288.80.

City commissioners Tuesday approved a memorandum of understanding with Stark County to complete repairs to the road.

Northern Improvement Co. will be handling the layering and overlay.

The damage is more extensive than it's ever been, Zuroff said.

"There's a lot more places where the pavement completely deteriorated," he said. "Last year we spent probably a week or two with a couple of guys dura-patching the entire area. This year, we looked at it. There was so much deterioration we couldn't patch it."

From Energy Drive to 28th Avenue was repaired last year. This year, efforts will focus on 28th Avenue to 10th Avenue East.

"Working with the county, we're going to do a leveling course," Zuroff said. "In other words, fill in the potholes and uneven areas. And then we're going to do a 2- to 3-inch overlay on top of that."

Some patches along East Villard are currently being repaired.

At Tuesday's meeting of City Commissioners, Mayor Scott Decker underlined the severity of the damage.

"Mr. Zuroff is not kidding. I drove on this road yesterday," he said. "There are portions of it that I have never seen that road like that. It is falling apart."

The repairs to East Villard will begin this month.