American Bank Center is moving.

A new building will be constructed on the north side of West Second Street, directly across the street from its current location at 140 First Ave. W.

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Its divisions, American Bank Center, American Trust Center and American Insurance Center, will all be located in the single building.

The project is expected to cost more than $10 million.

With the north lot serving as the site for the new building, the south lot will serve as the site for the new parking lot.

Construction starts with groundbreaking in September.

A new building is needed, Jared Bullinger, American Bank Center regional president, said.

"This building, I can't tell you when it was put up, but we've had some structural issues with it," he said. "About two-thirds of this block, the cost of our new project is what it would cost to replace the roof on our building."

Such issues have created a less-than-ideal banking environment for customers.

"If you're in here when it's raining, it's a little embarrassing, because we've got buckets all over the bank," Bullinger said. "The roof needs to be replaced, and if we were to do that, we'd have a new roof on an old building."

He added, "It was just more cost effective to look at a new building."

The building on the southside of the block, along West First Street, is in good condition and will likely be sold, Bullinger said.

American Bank Center has also grown with Dickinson during the oil boom.

"We had significant growth in the early 2010s," Bullinger said. "We slowed a little with that growth, but we didn't shrink during the time oil went away for a few years, and now that it's picked up we're seeing that growth pick up again."

Some jobs will be added with the transition to the new site, Bullinger said, but ABC will mainly focus on changing job functions.

"We're going through a branch transformation process," he said. "The intent is, what are the 10 most common banking transactions and how do we get the first point of contact in the door to be able to handle those most frequent types of transactions?"

He added, "It really evolves the customer experience."

American Bank Center is working with The Redmond Company, based in Waukesha, Wis., to create the new building.

"They're a company that specializes in bank buildings, specializing in the latest technology and security features for banks," he said. "We provided them a list of our local subcontractors, so 100% of the work will be done locally."

Bullinger and American Bank Center's employees are excited for the project to begin.

"We rolled it out to our group here in Dickinson in the middle of May," he said. "This building was four or five other businesses that we've turned into one bank, so it's a little disconnected. But going through this process, we've spent a lot of time trying to find a way to engineer a big building where everyone can work together in a collaborative space."