Construction is underway for Theodore Roosevelt Regional Airport's new taxiway and runway rehabilitation project.

Airport Manager Kelly Braun reported to the airport's board Tuesday that the land acquisition process has been completed.

A condemnation suit against neighboring lands was approved in October.

"We now own all the land that's needed to see this project through to its end," Braun said.

Due to costs from the land acquisition, the airport sought additional funds from Stark County in May.

County commissioners approved $540,000 for the project for 2018.

Of that amount, $140,000 was allocated during the last budget cycle and $400,000 was drawn from general fund.

The airport has also received support from Dunn County.

Braun visited with Dunn County commissioners in May and requested an undetermined amount for the runway project.

"They were very receptive," he said. "They allocated $150,000 for the runway reconstruction project, which is great."

Braun also visited with Billings County commissioners June 5.

"It sounds like they are supportive of helping us financially, too," he said, "but they tabled the request until they could get with the auditor and figure out what that dollar amount is going to be."

Billings County commissioners suggested the airport leadership should also visit with the city of Medora for financial support, Braun reported.

The airport will look at its mills and mill requests going into preparations for the 2020 budget, Braun said.

"We'll probably have to have a resolution from the board requesting either a specific dollar amount or a mill amount," he said. "We'll take it to (the county) and go from there."

Braun suggested he would also seek financial support from other surrounding counties, such as Adams, Bowman, Hettinger and Slope.

Work on the super-taxiway began in April.

A new runway is needed, Braun told The Dickinson Press. The new 100-seat aircraft, replacing the 50-seat regional jets, are larger, and the airport's runways do not meet the requirements to be able to handle those aircraft. United Airlines currently services the airport.

The total project is expected to cost $64 million.

The project is going "as well as can be expected," Braun said, after some weather delays.

"They elected to work some Saturdays to make up for some of the rain-outs they've had the last couple of weeks," he said.

The project remains on schedule.

Excavations, grading and compaction are done, completing the dirt work.

Work will next begin on the sub-base course.

"We're building the foundation for the first chunk of the runway," Board Chairman Jon Frantsvog explained.

Fencing is in place for the expansion project with the airport's newly acquired land, and Stark County has closed the section of 112th Avenue Southwest between 41st and 42nd Street as requested by the airport in July.

Braun also reported to the airport's board that enplanements continue to increase.

The airport had 2,088 boardings in May, and increase from 1,900 boardings the same time in 2018.