The Dickinson Public Library once again came up with a sweet way for kids and teens to come together and let their imagination take over, creating obstacles that people would crave to attempt.

Participants were able to pick from a table covered with treats such as Fruit Roll-Ups, gummy worms and AirHeads to create mazes or other structures. While some made elaborate mazes that resembled the board game map of Candy Land, others created their own obstacles, such as a pinball machine. Jade Praus, the children’s and young adult librarian at the Dickinson Public Library, came up with the creative craft.

“I just looked for some different ideas involving candy where they can be creative and this is one of the ideas that I saw that was kind of cool,” she said. “They made some really cool ones.”

Praus mentioned that the main goal for the participants was not only to have fun, but to be creative and solve problems when they arose.

“Sometimes a few of their designs did not work to start,” she said.

As the event finished, each person was able to take home their pieces of art to show off and savor for a special snack later on. Praus mentioned that with the success of the project, the candy maze may make another appearance in the future.

“We always have some sort of candy thing,” she said. “We’ll have something else in March with graham cracker houses that we’ll make into leprechaun traps,” she said. “

Praus and the library staff are now looking forward to Tuesday, Feb. 25, when kids and teens will play board games with Miss North Dakota.