Dickinson Parks & Recreation released its 2020 Spring/Summer Activity Guide, announcing its key events for the upcoming seasons. With that came in the announcement of the renovations to the Crooked Crane Trail.

The 17 mile trail loop around Patterson Lake will include features such as 1.8 concrete loop that has features such as fitness equipment. The trail will also include two shelters along the 17 mile trail in case users need to take a break or seek shelter for weather concerns. The trail will also have 9.6 miles of compacted grass along the south and west end of Patterson Lake that will be mowed regularly and has the intentions of giving viewers an everlasting view of the lake and wildlife.

As written by Executive Director James Kramer in the Director’s Note, “The Crooked Crane Trail is an up and coming trail that will appease even the most avid outdoor enthusiast.” He continued by writing that the trail will “be perfect for your next walk, run or bike excursion.”

Craig Paris, the director of buildings and grounds from Dickinson Parks and Rec, also spoke on the new trail.

“In the past the trail had … kinda went in-and-out of some areas that weren’t really accessible and didn’t truly give the trail its justice,” he said. “We took some areas out and kind of changed the trail a little bit, for the most part it’s the same.”

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The trail will also include six trail posts to help people on the trail know their location within the trail to make it easier to get in and out of the course. “You’re not going to get lost or not find your way anyway,” Paris added.

Paris mentioned that in some areas where rain makes the trail muddy and difficult to go through, the trail will now be able to have bridges around most parts to help make it easier for people to continue to enjoy the course. However, Paris did also mention that there were some areas that may still be difficult to get through as they “just can’t help, because in the spring it’s pretty wet or if it rains real heavy, just some areas that are going to hold some water and we just can’t bridge all those gaps.”

Along with the new trail comes new challenges. The trail will also be featuring a Crooked Crane 100. From May 25-August 24, participants that embark on the trail and are able to record 100 total miles within the three-month period will be able to earn prizes, Paris mentioned that they are still being decided, and participants will also be able to share their hard work on social media in which may be shared by the Dickinson Parks and Rec organization.

The trail will officially be opened to the public on May 25. Paris and the entire parks and rec organization are very excited for the renovations and are looking forward to the Dickinson community being able to enjoy the outdoors on the renovated trail while potentially taking the Crooked Crane 100 challenge.

“We take this trail very seriously and we think it’s a huge part of what we do at parks and rec and one of the things that we’ve been trying to do is elevate what we do,” he said. “We’re just trying to elevate the game so the people of Dickinson are proud.”