Badlands Crime Stoppers and the Dickinson Police Department are asking for the public’s help with information related to a burglary of the Dakota Diner in Dickinson.

On March 16, at about 5:43 a.m., the Dickinson Police Department responded to the Dakota Diner following a report by an employee of a burglary which had occurred sometime throughout the night.

“Officers cleared the building and found no one inside,” Capt. David Wilkie, Dickinson Police Department, said. “Detectives collected evidence at the scene and were able to determine that proceeds were missing from the business.”

Wilkie continued, “This case is currently under investigation.”

Chad Glasser, owner of Dakota Diner, recounted the shock of the burglary.

“I was surprise to say the least. Sunday evening through Monday morning are our busiest time of the week, and we have the most money in our safe,” Glasser said. “I got a call from my manager, who got a call from our opening employee about the burglary. We called the police and they were there in minutes and investigated it for about two hours.”

Glasser said that the burglar entered through the back and pried the door open with a crowbar type of leverage device.

“They pulled the safe down from the shelf, which sits about six feet up from the floor. The person drilled it out and got it open. They seemed to know where it was.” he said. “They took about $8,400 in cash and a brand new set of kitchen knives.”

Unfortunately for Glasser and the police, the establishment’s surveillance system wasn’t operating properly at the time of the incident, according to Glasser.

“We had an old system and it wasn’t working,” he said. “We’ve since beefed up our surveillance substantially to ensure that this won’t happen again.”

The burglary comes at a bad time for the small business, considering the economic downturn accompanying the coronavirus pandemic.

“Obviously if this was a lone event it would be easier to handle, but in light of the coronavirus shutdown it’s just a perfect storm,” he said. “It’s a time when businesses are trying to step up and do what they can for their employees, but this robbery hurts that.”

Glasser said that he wouldn’t be upset if the culprit needed money to feed their family or were desperate.

“I said to my wife, I hope whoever did this had a family to feed and needed the money to survive,” he said. “But the burglar got in and got out quickly, so based on how clean and efficient it was... it looks like someone who has experience unfortunately.”

Despite the setback and disappointment, Glasser says he is fortunate to have the employees he has, that have continued to show the very best of human nature in these challenging times.

“My team is still doing everything we can to serve this community,” he said. “We still have some of the best, most loyal and hardest working employees in town.”

Glasser continued, “It’s just something we have to get through together.”

In a message to the public, Glasser implored the community to help.

“We would appreciate people coming forward with any information and help us find out who did this.” he said.

The Badlands Crime Stoppers are looking for any information leading to the arrest of person/s involved in the crime, and will be eligible for a reward.

If you have any information that could assist, authorities ask that you contact Badlands Crime Stoppers via Text-A-Tip using BADLANDSTIP to 847411; or through their phone app Tip411; or by calling the Dickinson Police Department’s non-emergency number at 701-456-7759