For the first time ever, the Anne Carlsen iCan Bike Camp will be coming to Dickinson with an aim to help teach individuals with disabilities how to ride a two-wheel bike on their own.

The iCan bike camp will be held at the Dickinson State University Wienbergen Gym, located at 1104 2nd St.W. from Monday, June 22 to Friday, June 26. While the camp has previously been held at locations such as Fargo-Moorhead, Grand Forks and Minot, this is the first time the camp will be hosted in Dickinson.

“We just knew that since we hadn’t gone that far west in the state,” Rachel Buss, the iCan Bike Camp Dickinson director, said. “There were definitely individuals with disabilities that could benefit from learning how to ride a conventional two-wheel bike and gaining that independence.”

From day one, participants will be able to get the sensation of riding on a two-wheel bike as they ride on a roller bike, a two-wheel bike that stays in place. As participants get more comfortable on the bike, staff members will join participants on a tandem bike, a two-person bike, to allow staff members to see and feel how the participants are riding their bikes. Eventually, by Thursday and Friday, participants will be able to have the confidence and the ability to ride on their own two-wheel bike.

“Bike camp is absolutely my favorite event all year round, it’s just the greatest,” Buss said. “You can see from the first day to the fifth day … just the confidence that it builds within themselves … and knowing they're going to be independent that way, which is great for friendships and getting them to work and physical fitness. On top of that, it just sparks some independence within them and they want to do more and more different activities which is really exciting.”

As for COVID-19 restrictions, the iCan Bike Camp, while able to take 40 participants, are aiming for at least 20 riders. Buss added since the camp will need close contact with participants and staff members, safety procedures will be carefully viewed upon throughout the week camp.

Some of the safety precautions include:

Before starting each camp session, participants and staff members must wash their hands, handlebars, hand grips, brake levers, training handle grips, and seats of the bikes will be thoroughly cleaned by the staff members and limited high 5’s and hugs. Participants must also bring their own helmet, but will not be required to wear a mask. However, they can wear and bring them if they want to.

“We are in between every rider, we disinfect the whole bike,” Buss said. “We’re suggesting that only one parent/guardian or caretaker come into the facility with the rider and we’ll definitely allow riders or parents to wear masks if they would like to.”

For more information, or to register, contact Rachel Buss at 701-263-4556 or go to