The Watford City Police Department have arrested and charged a 56-year-old Watford City man with 9 separate criminal acts, including leading officers on a brief vehicle chase, a fourth DUI, carrying a concealed weapon, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

On Tuesday, May 19, the WCPD responded to a call of a possible intoxicated driver operating a motor vehicle erratically on Hwy 23, approaching Watford City. Officers were dispatched to attempt to locate the 2008 Ram 1500 and were successful after a brief search in finding the vehicle near mile marker three.

Officers attempted to initiate a traffic stop on Lance Duane Jorgenson after confirming erratic driving patterns and numerous traffic violations, but Jorgenson reportedly refused to stop and the traffic stop turned into a speed chase on the highway.

The pursuit continued with WCPD officers trailing Jorgenson despite multiple attempted efforts to evade police. Eventually, Jorgenson pulled over and stopped his vehicle, ending the pursuit. However, Jorgenson then refused to exit the vehicle and a stand-off ensued.

After repeatedly trying to convince Jorgenson to exit the vehicle on his own volition to no avail, officers were forced to take escalating force actions by breaking the car side window and deploying less lethal munitions in the form of pepper spray fired by a 40mm launcher in order to get Jorgenson out of the car. Despite these attempts, Jorgenson continued to resist the arresting officers.

According to police, officers were left with no other option than to use physical force on Jorgenson to eject the suspect from the vehicle, get the suspect to the ground and successfully make the arrest — which they did successfully.

During an investigation of the vehicle following the arrest, officers located a concealed modified billy club under the driver’s seat.

Jorgenson was charged with felony driving under the influence, felony level of refusing to submit a chemical test, reckless driving, fleeing from a peace officer, driving while license privilege suspended, disorderly conduct, failure to transfer title, carrying a concealed weapon and resisting arrest.

Court records indicate that these latest charges are in addition to a litany of other past charges on his record, including this most recent arrest being his fourth DUI in the past 15 years.

Both the felony DUI and felony refusal to submit to a chemical test were declined by the McKenzie County State’s Attorney, resulting in lesser misdemeanor charges and Jorgenson’s release.

Jorgenson is now wanted by authorities in connection with a felony probation violation warrant issued by the McKenzie County Sheriff’s Office and authorities are asking for the public’s help in finding the fugitive.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Jorgenson are asked to contact the Watford City Police Department at 701-842-2280, or McKenzie County Sheriff’s Office at 701-444-2400.

Jorgenson is scheduled for a court appearance in McKenzie County on Sunday, July 7, at 8:30 a.m.