The Dickinson Public Library will be officially opened to the public as of Monday, June 29, at 9 a.m.

Although the facility has already been functioning during these strange times by allowing those who scheduled an appointment to come into the facility or having curbside delivery of checked-out items available, as of Monday, reservations will no longer be needed and the public will be able to return to the library.

The library will be opened to the public from 9 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. Monday-Friday with some changes and restrictions.

"We are asking that from 9-11 a.m. be set aside for higher-risk populations to access the library, if people can please respect that," Rita Ennen, the director of the Dickinson Area Public Library, said. "We are asking, when they come, to respect the social distancing guidelines and the other people around them."

Some services will not be available. Only half of the library's adult computers will be available to maintain social distancing, with a 30-minute time slot. Children's computers will remain off limits, as will interactive toys in the children's area.

"We are asking that children under the age of 12 be accompanied by someone over 16," Ennen said. " .... We will also not be doing events here yet. The meeting room remains (closed); our summer reading program is all virtual, all online and (will) continue to be. We'll continue to have craft and activity care bags that people can pick up so they can watch our online (stream), and then they can do the craft that they normally would do at a story time or activity."

While Ennen and the entire library staff are taking as many safety precautions as possible to ensure the safety of all guests and staff members, they are looking forward to seeing the public again.

"We are really missing our people," Ennen said. "That is the most important part of the library, honestly. The books and all the rest of that matter but they exist for the people. Without the people, they are just stuff on a shelf. We're anxious to see some people back, our friends; we really missed them."

For more information, log on to or call 701-456-7700.