The next season of the Dakota Spotlight podcast is about to begin. Listeners are encouraged to bring their questions and curiosity as host James Wolner investigates a crime where loyalty to truth becomes a victim to the loyalty of friends.

Not your standard ‘true crime’ podcast

While many true crime podcasts focus on the crime itself, Wolner takes a different approach with Dakota Spotlight. Taking the threads of the story, he works to unravel the unasked and unanswered questions of what happened.

Investigating these forgotten crimes, Wolner works to trace the people involved and their actions, motives and desires with police reports, photographs, evidence and interviews. You will feel like an unseen observer as Wolner’s uncanny knack with words makes you feel like you’re watching the events unfold.

Season 3 of Dakota Spotlight

Season three of Dakota Spotlight is about a sad and tragic and somewhat bizarre event that happened 22 years ago in Bismarck N.D. Barbara and Gordon Erickstad were brutally murdered in their home by their son, 18 year old Brian Erickstad and his friend, 27 year old Robert Lawerence in September of 1998.

“What drew my attention to the case was not the awful crime itself so much as everything that happened around it,” Wolner said. “I decided I wanted to try to find out what this was all about, how did this happen and how could so many people know what happened without going to the police?”

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