After earning its seventh competitive cheerleading state title on Saturday in Fargo, the Dickinson Midgets cheerleading team celebrated their accomplishment by having a parade around Dickinson en route to Dickinson High School.

The Midgets earned a score of 239 out of 300 overall points. Minot High School came in second with a score of 216, followed by Bismarck Century with a score of 203.

To celebrate their return into the city, parents and family members got together at Tiger Discount Truckstop in Dickinson and were met by Dickinson police and firefighters ready to greet the bus and help create a parade through the city of Dickinson. The parade carried on primarily through Villard Street, onto State Avenue and into the parking lot of Dickinson High School.

The red and blue lights from the first responders reflected beautifully off the white Christmas lights set up on Villard Street. Cars pulled over and the sounds of honking and heartwarming cheers echoed off the buildings and into the cold wind in support for the cheerleaders, whose arms were seen waving out the window to greet their community.

As soon as the Dickinson Midgets’ bus parked outside the high school, parents and family members were able to hug and congratulate the athletes for their achievement.

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Dickinson cheerleading head coaches Cebe Schneider and Audrey Lenz talked about the parade and what it meant to them to see the athletes being celebrated by the community.

“It’s so inspiring and it’s an honor to the kids,” Schneider said. “They work very hard, and all of our athletes and all of our kids who are in choir, in speech and all those things work so hard. It’s so fantastic when all of the community will come out and support them like this and give them a little boost and honor the hard work that they do.”

Lenz went on to discuss what it was like to earn the state title in a season full of unprecedented circumstances.

“We are incredibly proud of the girls capturing this state title,” Lenz said. “It was a hard year with COVID. We limited practices to limit exposure and dealt with many practices without a full team also due to COVID. Yet the girls rose above all those obstacles and worked hard when they got the chance to actually practice. They had to change their mindset of what a competition looks like, to perform to an empty gym and no one in the bleachers to cheer them on but their coaches.

“They had to go deep within them and pull out any energy that usually comes when you have a crowd. They just had to make it happen. They sold it on that mat, and the hard work paid off for them in the end,” Lenz added.

While everyone on the team is more than happy with the state title, the coaches and the athletes are looking forward to having another stellar season in 2021.

“The team was made up primarily of underclassmen. We have some juniors, but it was amazing to see pretty much a very young team go in and do the kind of work on the mat that they did,” Schneider said. “It was pretty phenomenal to see. Honestly, they did very solid work and they were sharp and classy and sassy and fun, and they earned that together as a team and they deserve it.”

The cheerleading athletes are: Kianna Baca, Ashley Richey, Lauryn Ollerman, Xeia Schneider, Aidynn Yoder, Kennedy Roquet, Isabella Brown, Angela Pengelley, Sydnie Dassinger, Katelynn Pengelley, Jordyn Wanner and Avery Piatz.

Assistant coaches are Kayla Logan, Dakia Schneider and Kierra Schneider.