A new start: Wells Fargo opens new branch in Dickinson

Wells Fargo in Dickinson offers its customers the best of both worlds. It's a large corporate bank with ATMs and branches all over the country, meaning customers can find a branch with helpful staff wherever they may travel. It is also a hometown...

Travis Hande
Travis Hande, community bank president of the Wells Fargo Dickinson branch, checks out the mural March 18 inside the new building that opened in the West Ridge development.

Wells Fargo in Dickinson offers its customers the best of both worlds.
It’s a large corporate bank with ATMs and branches all over the country, meaning customers can find a branch with helpful staff wherever they may travel.
It is also a hometown bank, with those same friendly faces at its new branch in west Dickinson every day.
Those accustomed to going to the Prairie Hills Mall to do their banking at Wells Fargo have been directed to drive to the bank’s new location in the West Ridge development in west Dickinson.
“We’re so tickled to have a new building and to show that we’re investing in the community,” said Travis Hande, community bank president of the Dickinson branch.
Wells Fargo is the fourth business to open at West Ridge, after two hotels and Menards.
The new branch holds teller and commercial services; mortgage services are at the bank’s downtown office. Drive-up services will remain at Prairie Hills Mall until October, Hande said.
The favorite part of the new branch is the photo mural above the tellers, which was created with photos from the Dickinson Museum Center by team of researchers, project managers and graphic designers at Wells Fargo’s offices in San Francisco, led by Beth Currie of North Carolina.
“There are no two murals alike,” Currie said. “They’re all custom, all the sizes are different, the application is different. We’ve done them in windows, we’ve done them outside of our stores, we’ve done them inside the stores above the teller line. Every store you have to look at and say, ‘OK, where would it really make the most sense to do it.’”
The mural is Wells Fargo’s first in any of its North Dakota branches. The company has been compiling them for branches all over the U.S., Currie said.
“We’re blazing the trail for all the other Wells Fargos in North Dakota,” said Joyce Greff, the store manager.
The historic images of Dickinson range from the late 19th century to the 1950s.
“Using photos is really true history,” Currie said. “Actually seeing the photo from something so far back just gives it credibility in a way that is so unique.”
Wells Fargo is one of two national banks in Dickinson, which is advantageous for workers moving here from other states - especially when their family stays home.
“The convenience really helps them out,” Hande said. “We have a lot of people who are traveling that are using the same services here that they are at home.”
Having the same bank at home and at work for families split between states has been a source of comfort for some, Greff said.
“If they open an account in Dickinson, N.D., they can go anywhere in the U.S. and there will be a Wells Fargo to serve them,” Greff said.
Wells Fargo offers online and mobile banking, and it’s not just younger people taking advantage of the services, Hande said.
“They come in and they want to learn about it,” Greff said. “They’ll say, ‘If you could just show me how to do it one time, I think I could do it.’ We do have them reaching out to us. The older generation, I think we tend to stereotype, but at the same time they are very computer saavy in a lot of ways that surprise us.”
Whether customers bank with the tellers, online, mobile or with another bank, anyone in the community or just passing through is welcome to stop by Wells Fargo in West Ridge, if only to check out the mural, Hande said.
“We will gladly take the time to show them this point of pride that we have,” Hande said.


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Wells Fargo Bank
Address: 3071 West Ridge Dr., Dickinson, ND, 58601
Phone: 701-483-3333
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