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Pilot, passenger unharmed in emergency plane landing near Bismarck

BISMARCK — The occupants of a single-engine airplane were uninjured Tuesday, Jan. 29, after the plane made an emergency, parachute-aided landing shortly after leaving the Bismarck Municipal Airport.

Burleigh County emergency manager Mary Senger said Central Dakota Communications Center received the call just after noon Tuesday. Senger said the Cirrus SR22, a four- or five-seat aircraft, was headed for Florida and experienced an oil pressure issue about 17 miles from the airport.

The pilot turned the craft around to come back to Bismarck, but landed in the bluffs southeast of MacLean Bottoms shooting range after deploying the plane’s parachute, Senger said.

The Bismarck Rural Fire Department, Burleigh County Sheriff’s Department and Metro Area Ambulance responded to the scene.

The names of the occupants were not immediately available.