Amuri charged again with gross sexual imposition

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Jafari Amuri

A Dickinson resident faces new allegations of gross sexual imposition, a Class A felony.

Jafari Amuri, 32, appeared before Judge Dann Greenwood in Stark County District Court Monday for charges he received on Sunday.

According to the criminal complaint, Amuri engaged in sexual contact when he knew or had reasonable cause to believe the victim was unaware sexual contact was being committed upon her.

Specifically, he put his hand on bare rear of the 13-year-old victim while she was asleep "for the purpose of arousing or satisfying sexual or aggressive desires."

Amuri was previously charged with gross sexual imposition in January. Those charges were settled in June ahead of a jury trial scheduled for August.


In January, Amuri, according to the criminal complaint, groped the victim's genitals while she was asleep.

In North Dakota, a Class A felony carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in jail and/or a $20,000 fine, and minimum fines totaling $1,025.

Stark County Assistant State's Attorney James Hope requested a $25,000 cash bond.

"The most concerning thing here is, Mr. Amuri is also facing another gross sexual imposition charge with facts that are pretty similar to this one," Hope said.

Greenwood agreed with the state's recommendation.

"A Class A felony carries an inherent risk of flight to being with," he said. "I'm most troubled by the representation that this alleged conduct occurred over the weekend, and that would certainly be since his appearance for the last similar charge."

He added, "The court is forced to believe there is an additional risk of danger to the public."

Amuri was ordered to have no contact with the alleged victims.


A preliminary hearing on the new charge is scheduled for Aug. 26 in Stark County Courthouse.

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