Bond set for Bakersfield defendants

Cory Garrett and Sarah Kyle were seen in bond hearings Friday morning for charges stemming from a Nov. 11 traffic stop by the Dickinson Police Department.

Stark County District Judge William A. Herauf addresses bond hearings for defendants Sarah Kyle and Cory Garrett Friday morning at the Stark County District Courthouse. (Jackie Jahfetson/The Dickinson Press)

Two Bakersfeild, Calif., defendants were seen during virtual sentencing at the Stark County District Court Friday morning regarding bond in relation to charges including possession and conspiracy to possess methamphetamine with intent to deliver while in possession of a firearm.

Cory Garrett and Sarah Kyle received their bond hearings, in which Judge William A. Herauf set the bail for Garrett at $500,000 cash bond and Kyle’s at $100,000. Garrett and Kyle both face counts of conspiracy to possess methamphetamine with intent to deliver while in the possession of a firearm; because of the alleged charge of the possession of a firearm, both are facing an additional mandatory minimum sentence of four years.

Herauf asked Kyle about her business in North Dakota and why she was traveling through.

“I was just traveling with a friend to come visit some of his family,” Kyle said, noting that she had no ties to the state upon the trip from California.

Assistant State’s Attorney Amanda Engelstad requested that the cash bond be set at $500,000 for both defendants due to the fact that Kyle was already on bond in a similar matter in California for alleged crimes related to trafficking and destruction of drugs.


“The amount that she was found in possession of is approximately 10 pounds of meth, which is extraordinary I think for this area, plus the two firearms and quite a lot of cash… She’s obviously a flight risk along with just the severity of the crimes and the fact that she has one pending, I think the very high bond amount is warranted at this time,” Engelstad said.

Kyle asked Herauf for a reduction to her cash bond to $5,000, which was denied and set at $100,000.

During Garrett’s bond hearing, Herauf also asked Garett’s business in North Dakota prior to his arrest and Garrett replied by saying he was just driving through.

Englestad noted Garrett’s extensive criminal history including having fled from federal custody, which is a pretrial violation, for drug trafficking as well.

“Is there any way I can get the bond cheaper? Because I can’t afford $500,000, that’s way, way, way too much (and you’re) asking way too much,” Garrett said.

With an active warrant for Garrett back in California, Garrett suggested that he had coronavirus and was in North Dakota to seek medical help from a doctor he had contact with.

“I still have the coronavirus and that’s why I haven’t been able to go back to court,” Garrett said. “... I’m sick; I’m not trying to be here. I wasn’t coming here to cause any problems or get any charges.”

However, due to Garrett’s egregious charges and criminal background, Herauf ordered that the bond remain at $500,000.


The defendants were booked into the Southwest Multi-County Correction Center on charges related to narcotics possession with the intent to distribute.

On Nov. 11, officers with the Dickinson Police Department conducted a routine traffic stop on a vehicle, in which Garrett was driving and Kyle was a passenger. Following Garrett’s arrest, officers requested a K-9 unit perform a search of the vehicle, which led to a positive notification that narcotics were present. The Southwest Narcotics Task Force seized nearly 10 pounds of methamphetamine, two loaded handguns and a large amount of cash — approximately $7,000 — in the ensuing search.

“I’m satisfied with their bond amounts. I believe that those amounts should ensure that there’s public safety and hopefully reduce any risk of flight,” Engelstad remarked.

Both individuals remain incarcerated at the SWMCCC, and are scheduled for a preliminary hearing and/or arraignment for Dec. 28.

Jackie Jahfetson is a former reporter for The Dickinson Press.
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