Burwick regrets actions in race

Randy Burwick says confronting Josh Jones following an accident where he drove his IMCA Modified race car off the track last Saturday at the Southwest Speedway was a mistake.

Randy Burwick says confronting Josh Jones following an accident where he drove his IMCA Modified race car off the track last Saturday at the Southwest Speedway was a mistake.

Burwick apologized to Jones, his family and pit crew shortly after charging at the driver, who was still in his car and parked with a flat tire near the spot Burwick went off the track.

While Jones was going around Turn 2 at the time of the accident, he had no impact on it. Burwick said his actions directed toward Jones was simply a matter of the driver being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

"It's a knee-jerk reaction and sometimes I'm not very good at those at times," Burwick said.

However, the incident still lingers for the veteran racer from Hettinger, who said he is mulling whether or not he plans to return to the Speedway for the regular races at 6 p.m. today.


"I made a mistake. I'm man enough to know what I did," said Burwick, who was fined $100 for his actions. "Hopefully I keep racing. If I don't, I don't."

The incident involving Burwick and Jones wasn't the only cause for concern in the Modifieds last week.

In the classes' first heat, eight cars started but just two cars finished.

Then, the Modifieds feature race took a while to pick up steam thanks to a load of early cautions. Finally, after several attempts to get going, the race began to shape up and Marlyn Seidler outran Jeff Decker to claim the victory.

Still, Burwick is one of several Modified drivers who believe everyone - himself included - needs to begin making better choices inside their cars to prevent future incidents.

"I think we're all being overaggressive, myself included," said Burwick, who finished the race without a problem. "We have to take a step back."

Decker, who managed to stay in the feature race and finish second behind Marlyn Seidler, expects a stern warning from track officials at today's race.

"I'm sure at the pit meeting this week, they'll probably clean it up and try to keep the cautions down.


Hebron's Frederick off to a hot start in Pure Stocks

Zach Frederick hasn't been seen anywhere but at the front of the pack this season.

The Hebron Pure Stocks driver won both his feature and heat race and took second in the trophy dash last week. In the season opener, Frederick took second to Cal Praus in the feature and won his heat race and the trophy dash.

He's currently is sitting in first place in the point standings with 111, two points ahead of Praus.

Speedways to host I-94 Challenge for Modifieds

The Southwest Speedway and the Dacotah Speedway in Mandan are working out the details to finalize a six-race Interstate 94 Challenge for IMCA Modified drivers who compete at each track.

Southwest Speedway promoter Ken Decker said racers would have to compete at Dickinson three times and at Mandan three times to be eligible for the championship, which is - as of now - scheduled to be held during the Season Championship at the Southwest Speedway.

So far, those in charge of the event have raised more than $12,000 that will be contributed to the racers.


Southwest Speedway Point Standings

IMCA Modifieds: 1, Jeff Decker, Dickinson, 79. 2, Troy Hollinger, Lefor, 74. 3, Fran Martin, Lefor, 71. 4, Eric Paul, Dickinson, 68. 5, Jerry Storjohann, Killdeer, 67. 6 (tie), Dwight Burwick, Rusty Corneliusen, Dickinson, 66. 8, Randy Sandvick, Killdeer, 62. 9, Randy Burwick, Hettinger, 61. 10, Kirk Wojan, Gladstone, 59. 11, Dale Burwick, Dickinson, 54. 12, Marlyn Seidler, Underwood, 40. 13, Guy Kolberg, Glendive MT, 39. 14, Josh Jones, Dickinson, 37. 15, Neil Hoff, Glendive MT, 33. 16, Paul Schultz, Washburn, 32. 17 (tie), Darrell Bauer, Mandan, Mike White, Glendive MT, 28. 19, Tracy Freer, Dickinson, 26.

WISSOTA Street Stocks: 1, Randy Meyer, Bismarck, 112. 2, John Feist, Bismarck, 107. 3, Josh Olheiser, Dickinson, 100. 4, Ryan Hugelen, Belfield, 99. 5, T.C. Shelhamer, Plevna MT, 96. 6 (tie), Don Kuntz, Jason Praus, Dickinson, 91. 8, Travis Ulmer, Dickinson, 90. 9, Terry Zastoupil, Dickinson, 88. 10, Justin Decker, Dickinson, 85. 11, Travis Sadowsky, Dickinson, 80. 12, Scott Bintz, Jamestown, 52.

Pure Stocks: 1, Zach Frederick, Hebron, 111. 2, Cal Praus, South Heart, 109. 3, Geoff Hellmann, Mandan, 101. 4, Travis Olheiser, Dickinson, 97. 5, Greg Wheeler, Baker MT, 95. 6, Lyndon Hinderer, Dickinson, 94. 7, James Miller, Plevna MT, 92. 8, Terin Gawryluk, Dickinson, 85. 9, Brian Zastoupil, Dickinson, 84. 10, Brandon Miller, Baker MT, 82. 11 (tie), Deavy Brandon, Alex Pool, Dickinson, 81. 13, Terry Dschaak, Beulah, 70. 14, Josh Burekle, Beach, 51. 15, Casey Ost, Beulah, 45. 16, Kevin Martain, Beach, 40. 17, Brain Miller, Baker MT, 39. 18, Dion Makowski, Dickinson, 36.

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