City of Dickinson recycling event scheduled for August 10

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The city of Dickinson members help teach others the importance of recycling and how to properly partake in saving the planet. (File Image/The Dickinson Press)

The city of Dickinson will be promoting a public information meeting discussing with a theme of “Oddball Options” on Monday, August 10 at 6 p.m. The sole purpose of helping others properly dispose of recyclable materials.

Rachel Shumaker, the recycling and collection coordinator for the City of Dickinson, said the city has been holding events like this throughout the year to help those that have questions about recyclable materials and where they go. And due to the pandemic, Shumaker and the city of Dickinson agreed to make specific themes to help explain the recyclable materials.

Shumaker described what “Oddball Options” will be focusing on in the upcoming event.

“This event will be focusing on changing things in recycling,” Shumaker said. “We have a lot of new packaging, we have a lot of new different things that counts as recyclable. The purpose of this event is to talk about what those changes are, how do we address those and where do we put things so that they are in the right place.”

While the event is open to anyone that has questions about recycling, Shumaker invites those with items that can be recycled to come to the event.


“What I'm asking people to do is bring something that they are not sure about as far as recycling goes,” she said. “I have a bunch of examples for people as well, to see some of the changes that we have, and what is out there for recycling. And then with the objects that other people have brought, we can decipher where those go and we can dispose of those, correctly.

In the past meetings, such as ‘Recycle Right,’ Shumaker helped teach others what should and should not be recycled and how to go about that. Shumaker said the last event was in June which was backyard buckets, which focused primarily on composting.

While the events have gone smoothly, Shumaker hopes more people will attend the upcoming event.

“We’re hoping that we get more people,” she said. “It seems to be we keep seeing the same people every time, which is great, I love seeing the familiar faces, but I always like to have some new faces in the crowd too.”

Shumaker mentioned there will be one final recycling event this year which will be focusing on recycling during the holiday season. The event is scheduled to happen in November.

For more information on the event, please contact Rachel Shumaker at 701-456-7873.

Matthew Curry is a sports reporter and photographer for the West Central Tribune.
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