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Cops: Man was paid with snacks to assault another inmate

WILLISTON, N.D.—Police say a Williams County jail inmate was paid with ramen noodles, coffee and snack foods to attack another inmate last month.

Matthew Smith, 24, who was accused last year of conspiracy to commit theft and conspiracy to commit forgery, was charged Monday, June 4, with simple assault and criminal conspiracy, both class B misdemeanors. Police say Smith attacked Greg Boe, who also is being held in the jail, in Boe's cell on May 20. Two other men, Tyler Kolarik and Perry Oshiro II, were each charged with one class B misdemeanor count of criminal conspiracy.

Police said Oshiro apparently blamed Boe for his cell being searched after officers got a report that Oshiro had razor blades. Boe told officers that Oshiro had threatened him the day before the attack, court documents state.

Boe is being held on $100,000 bond after being charged with terrorizing and violating a restraining order.

Officers at the jail found Boe with a cut above his left eyebrow and determined he'd been hit in the stomach several times, according to an affidavit of probable cause.

Police said that surveillance footage from the jail showed Kolarick and Smith entering Boe's cell and then showed Kolarick leaving with some of Boe's belongings. Smith went from Boe's cell to another cell, then was shown on video leaving with a sweater full of commissary items, court records state.

When confronted by police, Smith at first claimed not to know what they meant, an officer wrote in charging documents, but eventually, he admitted that Oshiro had given him commissary items in exchange for starting an altercation with Boe. Police found Smith had two packages of Sriracha chicken ramen noodles, one package of lime-chili shrimp ramen noodles, a package of Caribbean roast coffee, chili-cheese Fritos and a Nutty Buddy candy bar.

Jail records showed that Oshiro had bought similar items several days before, the affidavit of probable cause stated.

Smith had a bond hearing Monday and was ordered held on $1,500 bond. Kolarik is scheduled to have a bond hearing Tuesday, and Oshiro is scheduled to have one on Friday.