BISMARCK — Volunteers with Fastrax BMX found glue leaking across part of its Bismarck facility Sunday morning, Sept. 8, making a mess that may take up to two days to clean up.

The glue, which is stored in a 250-gallon plastic tote, is used as a surfacing agent to "keep the track from breaking up," allowing bikers to use the track in rainy conditions, said track director Jamy Mills.

Two volunteers with the south Bismarck track found glue leaking from the tote about 9 a.m. Sunday, Mills said.

Fastrax BMX posted a photo of the damage on Facebook, including photos of a footprint trail around a fence and around the 250-gallon tote. Mills said he believes people entered the facility and opened the container.

Despite keeping some of the glue, Mills said the tote is not refillable, and the group will have to spend $3,000 to replace it.