A Dickinson man pleaded guilty Tuesday to two charges, including felony assault.

Brian Curtis Howe, 42, appeared in Stark County District Court before Judge James D. Gion with three criminal charges from May 26.

Howe pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and preventing arrest or discharge of duties, both Class C felonies.

A charge of contact by bodily fluids or excrement, a Class A misdemeanor, was dismissed.

In May, an altercation broke out at the victim's home that resulted in Howe causing the victim to have a broken or fractured nose.

After the altercation, Howe tried to get away while in a squad car, and had to be placed in another car.

"That's not usually me," Howe replied.

Howe told the court he was taking steps to improve his life.

"I'm going to (Alcoholics Anonymous) and practicing the principles, and reading the big book," he said.

In North Dakota, a Class C felony carries a maximum sentence of five years imprisonment, a $10,000 fine or both, with minimum court fees of $525.

Howe was sentenced to three years with the North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, with all but 180 days suspended for three years.

He was ordered to serve 90 days in jail and 90 days by electronic home monitoring starting on Oct. 1.

"You owe 180 days of confinement that has to be done with at least 90 days at Southwest Multi-County Correction Center," Gion said.

Howe is also required to participate in a domestic violence program, and was ordered to pay $2,017 in restitution.

Addressing the court, Howe was apologetic.

"I'm sorry. I was stupid. When it comes to law enforcement, I don't act like that. I don't know what got into me. I believe it was the medication and drinking," he said. "I was just caught in a moment of a girlfriend who had been on drugs for a long time and when she was cheating on me it just made things worst."

He added, "That's just not me."

Gion accepted the plea agreement, despite Howe having previous assault charges.

"This isn't a strict sentence, but you convinced me with your demeanor that you're truly sorry," he said.

Howe sobbed, "I've lost everything your honor."

"Your actions harmed someone," Gion said. "We can't have this kind of activity."

Gion gave Howe words of encouragement.

"Things can look pretty dismal, but things can change for the better," he said. "It's up to you."