Dickinson Police Department is giving special attention to seatbelt violators through the month of November.

The safety effort is part of the North Dakota Department of Transportation's Vision Zero program, DPD Capt. David Wilkie explained.

"We do four hour blocks," Wilkie said. "Officers are just doing seatbelt enforcement during that time. They're not taking any calls for service."

The increased enforcement is performed by officers on a voluntary basis.

"We are offering overtime that's being reimbursed by the (DOT)," Wilkie said. "Our officers choose the hours they want to work and we just do more seatbelt violation enforcement than we would on a regular basis."

Already, 16 hours have been completed this month by DPD officers focusing exclusively on seatbelt enforcement.

"That's a good chunk of hours. We're only halfway through the month. I expect I'm going to get more," Wilkie said. "I would guess I'm going to get somewhere around 24 to 30 hours of enforecment in the month of November."

The fine for a violation is $20. Dickinson has an average number of seatbelt violators, Wilkie said.

"We have as many as everybody else does," he said. "We don't have more than anybody else, but we have plenty of seatbelt violators."

Specific figures are not readily available, as everyone who is pulled over a seatbelt violation is not necessarily given a citation.

"Most of the time they get cited, but, for instance, if they get a DUI, they're probably not going to get a citation for seatbelt," Wilkie said. "They're probably going to get a warning."

The benefits of wearing a seatbelt while driving are many, Wilkie said.

"It definitely increases your chances of living if you're in an accident," he said.

The goal of Vision Zero is to eliminate motor vehicle crash fatalities and serious injuries. According to the NDDOT's Vision Zero website, there have been 89 vehicle fatalities in North Dakota this year to date.