Due to recent thefts from garages around Dickinson’s apartment complexes, property managers and law enforcement have teamed up to encourage tenants to be aware of their personal belongings in their garages.

On Wednesday evening, the maintenance crew discovered that a motorcycle at Falcon/Mallard Heights was stolen and numerous garage thefts occurred at other complexes in Dickinson. Maintenance also found that 32 garages had their lock cables pulled out, allowing for the burglars to gain access to break in and steal property.

Property Manager Cyndy Hood for Falcon/Mallard Heights Apartments said that this is a rare occurrence and that she has requested for extra patrols of the area. But due to the high volume of thefts around the city, police are doing all they can to patrol all the apartment complexes in Dickinson, she added.

“I suspect someone in town has a set of the J keys, which are used to gain access to garages. The J key lock is the one on top of your garage door. Please check it daily to make sure the cable that is connected to that lock is not pulled out. If it is, contact management immediately so it can be reported and so maintenance can place the lock back in your door,” Hood said in a posted notice.

It is unknown who the thieves are at this time, but Hood noted that if anyone sees suspicious activity to report it to local law enforcement immediately.

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“Maintenance met with the police and then went to each one and secured the cable back into the lock cylinder. It is suspected that the thieves went around and pulled the cables out to return after dark to steal from the garages,” Hood stated in the notice.

If you discover that your garage has been broken into and/or you are a victim of theft, call the Dickinson Police Department at 701-456-7759 to report it and call your property manager.