ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — A hitchhiker who previously lived in Fargo has been accused of decapitating a man in New Mexico.

On Wednesday, Oct. 20, a U.S. federal judge signed an order of detention for Shilo Aaron Oldrock, 28, who was charged last week with second-degree murder. He was arrested Thursday after a witness said they saw Oldrock kill an unidentified man, called John Doe in court documents, born in 1980.

According to court documents:

Oldrock flagged down a pickup the morning of Oct. 10 for a ride, according to one witness. The driver of that vehicle told police the defendant had a black eye, cuts on his face and blood on his hands and clothes. He asked to be dropped off at a flea market, the witness said.

Oldrock, who is a member of the Navajo Nation, told that person he and Doe got into a fight the night before, claiming Doe killed Oldrock’s uncle and threw his mother to the ground. He then told the driver he chopped off Doe’s head and threw it into a wood stove in Doe’s house, the complaint alleged.

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“What goes around, comes around,” Oldrock allegedly said.

Police found the body on Doe’s property on the Navajo Indian Reservation in New Mexico. Officers also found an ax covered in a red substance in Doe’s home, as well as a charred head from the stove, according to court documents.

Police arrested Oldrock a week before the killing after he allegedly attacked Doe at the latter’s home. Oldrock and his girlfriend were homeless and occasionally stayed at Doe’s house.

Court records show Oldrock lived in Fargo as recently as Oct. 17, 2020. He failed to appear Nov. 17, 2020, in Fargo Municipal Court for a marijuana infraction.